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Introducing my 2 blogs of the month strongerjen and pennyswings so to introduce them all to you, I’ve decided to do a big promo! 


  • Must be following the three musketeers workoutworkitgirl pennyswings strongerjen
  • Must be a health/fitness/recovery/wellness blog
  • No pro-ana/mia/ednos/selfharm blogs (Liars will be blocked)
  • The first 100 reblogs (can go over) will be on lists + I will add some solo screenshots too! 
  • Drop by and say hi to my 2 beautiful blogs of the month, honestly they’re incredible, you won’t regret it!
  • Will be promoted to over 9.2k+ dashboards being reblogged by all three of us!
  • Liars will be blocked!
  • Promo will end Thursday 2nd October.


:Line Your Lips and Keep Them Closed: The Basics

I’ve got a confession to make: I haven’t been following my own rules.  (Check them out here!)  Specifically, I haven’t been putting on my makeup or doing my hair.  I’ve been bbuussyy!!!!  Ok, ok, enough excuses.  I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to do that!! So, I went out and bought myself an arsenal of makeup.

Here’s the deal.  Everything I bought was from Wal-Mart and each individual item…

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